Forget About YOU…

Let’s face it, when something happens for the good of someone else, we can become quite quick to be unhappy for them and/or have a coveting/negative attitude towards them. I think it is a part of our ugly human nature but it’s important that we know how to control ourselves with this attitude. Some people let it take over and it turns to bitterness/hate/envy which leads to some distasteful behavior/actions.  However, I believe it’s more important what we do with that unhappiness /covetousness /negativity than the act of it itself. I am not saying covetousness/enviousness is good by all means but I am just saying if we can carefully watch ourselves, we can learn and get over it. I have been happy for others but sometimes it would not be genuine because I would put me in the situation. I found that I just needed to SCRATCH myself out of the equation because it did not have anything to do with me.

If anything, I have learned if I am unhappy for someone or happy but not being genuinely happy, or feeling covetousness/negative….then I need to re-evaluate myself and change it QUICK. Whether it is that I need to more content with what I have or whether I need to improve more on what I need to do, I need to do what I need to do personally but I need not to rain on the other person parade. Sometimes, once we honestly sit back and look at why we aren’t genuinely happy for others…for selfish reasons or whatever it may be…we can better ourselves. However, we’ve got to acknowledge it and ..I’ll say it again …take care of it quickly.

People are accomplishing their dreams and their goals. People are making things happen for them ( that god would have for them ). People are experiencing new things and etc etc. Why should we take away from all of that positivity because of our own selfish behavior. I seen it and I have done it and I am telling you…we NEED to be genuinely happy for others a lot more. After all, this is ABOUT THEM, not you. We are not there to play the compare game…we are there to embrace/build up and celebrate the goods things that happen in others lives. It’s not about us…it’s about them. Must ever moment we thinketh about thyself ?? It should not be, it shouldeth not be!


Musically Moving Mondays: Never Give Up

Today I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite gospel songs, “Never Give Up” by Yolanda Adams. Though the song tells us to “Never Give Up”, the bible does state in Ecclesiastes 3: 6: “There is a time to search and a time to give up”. However, what I think that this song is saying is that we should never give up on what God has for us. The world tells us to follow our dreams, which is nice, but sometimes our dreams just may not be what the Lord has for us. A lot of times we put our “dreams( all about what WE want to do)” in front of the Lord and that is not how it is suppose to be. Therefore we have to seek what God has for us and be willing to give up “our dreams” for the dreams that he has for us. When I say give up our dreams, it’s not to be negative action, because if we give up our dreams ( surrender our dreams) in pursuit for what God has for us…who is in control of it all/who holds the key to everything…we are guaranteed something even better because he had it for us. This is not to say that God will not give us what we dreamed but the point is that we delighted ourselves in God first! I have had dreams of “singing” but the fact is that God gives us all we need to do what he would have us to do and since I can not sing ( good) at all…I know that it is a dream I need to give up because it’s obviously not what the Lord has for me. This all leads me to say: don’t give up on what GOD has for you! You can and will know what he wants for you because he will place it upon your heart and give you want you need to do so. If we put God first, our motives will be right, we will have what we need to do what he wants us to do, and no one will be able to take that away from us. Once God places something in our heart, we can not give up on ourselves because he wants to use us to change the world…and ultimately to serve him. Don’t let the world stop you from doing what you were meant to do all along. Every single one of have a purpose, and that’s something God gives us. Don’t stop pursing where God wants YOU to go. There’s nothing wrong with having dreams but we have to distinguish if it’s a dream that God has for us…deep down we will know if he is first.

I wish you all a wonderful, safe, God filled week. Know that you CAN do what he has for you to do :) We can not do everything but we can do everything he has for us to do ♥


Powerful Pro-Life Video: Call To Help

"I Am Pro-Life"

Today I want to share with you, as I have in the past, a pro-life video that I came across a few months ago. Every time I watch this video, for some reason I am extremely moved that I become quite emotional because it is such a POWERFUL message. When I first started to educate myself on Abortion a few months ago, I remember being so emotionally disturbed and my spirit unsettled, that I could not get the images of the babies out of my head. Today as I watched this video again, I was moved all over again that I replayed the video over and over; nearly to tears that I think I have reached the point to actually DO something about it. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to help but I know one thing that is very important to me is that I can “help” these ladies and not to turn them away to judgement.  As I expressed before, it is not up to us to judge those who had an abortion, are contemplating abortion or etc etc. The bible says in James 4:12: “There is only one lawgiver and judge,the one who is able to save and destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor.”

I think if I can say anything to anybody about it, it would be that Abortion is not the answer as it is wrong (truth): Exodus 23:7 says….”Do not kill the innocent or the righteous”. If one need help, direct them to sources to help them. If one needs emotional help, talk to them about God. If one needs a shoulder to cry on/someone to hold their hand, be there and assure them that God is there. It says in James 2:14-17: “What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

The problem a lot of times is that we give out the message of condemnation when there should be no condemnation. In Luke 6:36 it says : “Judge not and you will not be judged, condemn not and you will not be condemned, forgive and you will be forgiven.” Who are we to condemn ? If anything, it just turns people into the direction we don’t want them to go in the first place. If anything, we need to open up our hearts and pour out compassion,truth, love towards everyone. It’s one thing to have the law say it is illegal to have abortion and its another thing to have each individual come to realize the value of the life that is inside of them that has yet to be born that was created by God. Let us help!

~ Himiyu

P.S: What Do You Guys Think Of This Shirt Design ? I was thinking of possibly contacting a Pregnancy Resource Center ( that is pro-life in it’s approach) and asking what they need and donating 100% of all the funds from these shirts to providing care/items for women out there: Diapers, counseling, baby items, etc. There are several ways one could go about shirt designs ;p.

"I Am Pro-Life"

Somebody tell me I AM beautiful….


Growing up, if my memory serves me correctly, I do not recall really hearing that “I am beautiful.” Sure, one may have pointed out a feature that is beautiful; such as “hair” or eyes or something but just being told I am beautiful were words that I did not hear very much. I also did not grow up hearing that I was beautiful from the people around me such as schoolmates, associates and since I did not really have too many friends…not from them either. I say this to say this: Today I was watching a Dateline show about young girls who fall victim to online predators. Though there were all types of things that were told to these young girls; one commonality that I have picked up on is that a lot of girls say that these “men” tell them “nice things” about themselves. I think that says a lot about these girls as they can be any girl. Many of us, if not all of us, want to be told we are beautiful and if we do not hear it enough from the people “around” us, we will seek it from elsewhere ( in this case, strangers). What I see is…we can’t reserve certain occasions to tell the girls around us that they are beautiful. Even if we are not telling them they are “beautiful”, we need to tell them positive ( sincere) things about themselves so when somebody else…some stranger with ill motives/intentions tells them something…they won’t be as phrased as if they never/rarely heard it before. I am not saying we got to go around complimenting people all the time but sometimes we need to hear positive things…You are smart, you are beautiful, you are lovely, you are skilled at X,Y and Z, etc. Not because by hearing it come from someone else, we believe it for ourselves but because sometimes we just need to hear positive words come from someone else to assure us of what we already know/have. It should NOT be that we, girls, are venturing out to people who do not even KNOW US to tell us something about who we are, what we can do, and what we are. When in most cases, these people are only telling us these things out of their own external malicious motives! No no no; this should not be.

Whether its your little sister, your daughter, your friend, your girlfriend, your wife….whoever that lady is in your life….YOU be the one to tell her these things. If anything, it should and will mean more than what some guy named ….Timmyboy34 or goodtimeguy2343 will EVER say! Unfortunately, you probably see ways that girls searching for people to say nice things to them  on a daily basis in various ways. For example,  a young lady takes a picture of herself and while of course we all want to be told we look “good” or whatever, what makes this young lady’s picture different is that she  did not post this picture just to post a picture but she posted a picture to get a response from somebody out there, anybody out there,  to tell her something about herself. I think we can change this by telling the ladies around us how they are, what they are, who they are, etc. Again, it’s not a matter of somebody else telling ME something about myself and that’s why I believe I am beautiful, smart, likeable…etc. We, girls, must already know and believe that ourselves….that’s a whole other topic itself! But if someone is going to say “nice” things about somebody and mean something sincerely….let it be from the people around us who actually know us!  I am not saying to be the person who just can’t take a compliment from anybody, who may be a stranger in all…nothing wrong with a compliment but its all in context. These guys tell you what you want to hear…what they know you NEED to hear and before you know it….your in a dangerous/dire situation. Let’s tell our girls that they are beautiful more than just on occasions, let them know it throughout the year. Let  them know how precious they are not only in your eyes but more importantly in the Lord’s eyes. Let them not resort to talking to strangers to tell them something about themselves.


~ Himiyu

This Is NOT Man VS Woman!

Jane's Secret

I support the notion that Women are not just homemakers; that we can and do fit into the role of more than just the Domestic role. I support the idea that Women are equal to men and that there is no superiority/inferiority between the two; and that women should therefore have equal treatment in education, job opportunities, etc. I support the idea that a women can/should be independent, can provide for herself and has so much worth standing by herself ( not by a man as she does not need a man to validate her in anything in this life).  That being said…however….God did not create women and men the same for a reason and that is to MEAN something.

We are equal but we are different; and it’s okay that we are different ( not for our differences to be HELD against us but for them to be acknowledged). As a girl growing up today, you hear things like: A women can do what a man can/if not better than a man can” or “If I can pay for X  than I should because I can provide for myself as I don’t need a man to provide for me.” While it’s great that we are telling girls these days that they don’t need a man to be validated, encouraging them to be independent, letting them know that they are strong, etc….they still need to know that it’s not a competition of man versus women. We can not deny, as women, that God did not create women differently than men. A man can not do everything a women can and a women can not do everything a man can. A man can do some things a women can not and a women can do some things a man can not do. That is what it is AND those facts can not be used to hold up against each other; and right now I am really talking to the ladies out there. Sometimes we so fixated on just proving that we can do without a man, that we don’t need a man, that we are better than men…that we forget that it’s okay to be a lady too! NO, we shouldn’t sit back and be directed by men like we are inferior/only their mates/only their server. NO, we should not put up with the double standard ( and use it for our advantage) when we should get equal treatment like men. The list can go on but understand that we are not MEN! If God wanted a women to do everything a man could, he would have made it that way. If God wanted a man to do everything a women could, he would have made it that way. Can we let a man do what they do and a women do what they do without always trying to challenge/out do /judge one another ? Adrian Rogers, a southern baptist pastor, said that God did not have women to be she-men and men to be  he-women.

Yes, I get that we can bring in the bacon, provide for the whole family, protect ourselves, have a baby and still keep it all together…that’s GREAT but there’s more to life than just that as a woman. If a gentleman wants to open the door, let him open the door. It does not have to be a matter of ” Oh, I am capable of opening my own door. I don’t need a man to open my door because that would mean that he is this and that “. If the gentleman wants to pay for dinner on the first date, it does NOT have to be a matter of  ” Oh I got my own money, I can buy my own meal and HIS if I want to “. Not everything is a threat to your independence ;p Also, If you have a problem with a man, it does not always have to turn into some  ” man-bashing” and why women are better, smarter, more capable than men talk. On the other side, if I want to be in the kitchen a lot and I love being a domesticated women, don’t judge me! If I hold the traditional idea that a man should provide for his family, don’t judge me! Doing those things don’t make me inferior or less of a strong woman! There’s nothing wrong with knowing how to cook, gardening, knowing housekeeping and whatever else people say fits into “being a women”. The problem does not even lie in doing those things! The problem was that those roles were assigned to us and held against us as the only things we should/could be doing ;p

There’s nothing wrong as a lady to let the men be men and women, women. We don’t have to do it all, ALL THE TIME! Some of us come from situations where we do have to “wear the pants”, fight the fights and lead the home but it does not have to be like that all the time and God did not even mean for it to be like that. God created male and female in his image so we are EQUAL but make no mistake….he created the male AND AND AND  the female for a reason. Women , we can not do it all, be it all, give it all, provide it all, have it all..and vice versa with men! Let everything not be a competition please!!

~ Himiyu

Day Of Rememberance: 9/11

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I was too young when 9/11 happened to say or know anything about what happened on that very September day in 2001. However, I would soon become aware as I studied history in school of the horrors that happened on that day.  From the few glimpses/accounts for what happened on that day, it was one of the most saddest, horrific tragic events I had ever heard of in my life. Though the years have passed, I don’t think one will ever forget what happened on that day because it changed a lot…and I am not just talking about with the TSA. I think the tragedy reminded us all that we are all human. Many of us wept together, many of us shared the same fear, many of us prayed together, held each other….we were all in it together despite differences that may have separated us the day before. Every year since, I think this day reminds us of the day we came together, and the importance that we come together …despite all of our differences. Otherwise, history will keep repeating itself…hate, bitterness, maliciousness, destruction, death…just over and over until there’s nothing left except ruins. How much longer will it be that tragedies bring us together and bring us to realizations of the truths ? I really can not find or think of many other words to say about that day or this day. A few years ago I wrote this very simple poem…kind of strange considering the point of view that I wrote it in…nevertheless I wanted to share it with you today.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you
such a normal day, who could of knew that your time was due
Oh how I wish I knew, OH HOW I WISH I KNEW
no good telling now what I could do , would do , did do
The worst that could happen , has already come true
and no one had a clue until after it came through
You were gone and I was here , bluer than blue
never got to tell you how much I loved you

~ Himiyu….

Being Young Is Not An Excuse!

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You Don’t Need To Try Everything In Order To Find Yourself. See what I mean below…

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“Your young, don’t tie yourself down with relationships and commitments”,

“Your too young to think about that, do what you want to do”

Now is the time to do this and that because you don’t get to do that when your older/when your “tied down”

Perhaps, these are things you have heard before or maybe this is your first time hearing such things. In actuality, these are the types of messages that have been communicated to Youth…and I must say it is a message that has not been the most beneficial message for youth to hear. I’ll even go as far to say that it further perpetuates a flawed way of thinking. It’s no wonder there are so many problems today that could have been avoided if society did not give out this message that it is okay to do x,y,z because your “young”. I mean sure, we can…

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Soak Up The Sun – Brighten Up Your Day!

We all have those days where things just don’t go well or maybe we don’t feel well; it happens to all of us. The point is that while those days may come, we can not dwell on them because by God’s grace, we have another day waiting for us tomorrow :). This song, particularly the “Soak up the Sun” part was in my head this evening so I decided to look up the song. It has been ages since I have heard of this song and even when I hear it now, I just now get what she is saying. It’s such a uplifting and FUN song. You make be broke, you may not have a lot, you may feel lame but….in the scheme of life…take in the blessing to be alive through it all…despite it all! If its raining where you are, you can still soak up the sun ;p

~ Himiyu

Q&A: Should I Be With This Guy At His Home Alone ?

Every week, I would like to answer questions that you guys have for me and/or common questions that girls do ask/have asked ( School, beauty, relationships, fashion, life, etc). I will say that I am no way a professional/ expert in any particular area of life, that I do not know everything and that I am not always right. I just will try to answer the best way that I can in order to help you in the best way that I can and if the honest answer is “I don’t know” then that is what I will tell you. Know that I warmly welcome your question(s) as long as they are appropriate and respectful. Today’s question : Should I be With A Guy At His Home Alone ? What do you think…

This is a question that I was asked by a young Christian lady who my roommate introduced me to. What had happened was that her and the gentleman that she was to go on a date with ( I can not specifically recall whether this gentleman was someone she had known for awhile/her boyfriend) were suppose to go to the movies but at the last resort, the guy just suggested that they go to his house to watch a movie; where they would be alone. Now granted, I was just taken by surprise and quite flattered that one would even think of coming to me on this matter considering I’m the girl who ” never talks” so I wanted to answer the question the best that I could as I did not want to let her down.

One important thing that I pointed out to her is that she would not be asking whether it is appropriate/whether she should IF she did not have that conscious/doubt in her own mind in the first place that maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to be alone with this guy at his home. So,  in a way, I think she already knew what she should do before she approached me with her question. But nevertheless, I told her “No“, she shouldn’t be with this guy alone. Yes, she is a grown adult and he is too and I am not saying that the “gentleman” would try anything nor that she would. However….HOWEVER, human nature is human nature and things can change really quick. We are notorious for getting ourselves in unnecessary troubbble ;p Why put ourselves in a situation where we may be tempted/enticed to do things we shouldn’t be doing ? The bible says that the Lord will not let us be tempted beyond our ability and that he will always provide an escape from it ( 2 Corinthinans 10) but why go through some things that really could have been avoided in the first place. Not only this, given the circumstance of her case, “No” just proved fitting! . Two reasons: 1. They were suppose to go watch the movie in a public domain. Being in a public environment is a lot more controlled than being in a private home. It’s a whole other ball game. Being in public is more comfortable for a lot of people and I think that certainly was the case for this young lady. 2. One does not know the intent of any other individual except themselves; so you must go in every situation aware of this ( not paranoid but AWARE). This was suppose to be a couple going on a date, then one makes the suggestion just to go to his “home” to watch a movie. I mean a movie theater and a movie at your home are two different things. I mean dare I say, you could have stayed home if you wanted to watch any ol movie. I think it would have been more appropriate if the gentleman would have suggested another public arena for their date. Key word here is : Date. This girl mustn’t been too familiar with this gentleman so that was inappropriate on the guy’s side.

At the end of the day, again, I think the key to answering her question was the fact that she asked in the first place. So, my final consensus on this question is : No. Yes, one could pick a counterargument with me ( i.e double standard, maturation, self-control, etc) but my answer for her would be the same and for anybody else who would ask me …I would answer the same! If you have to ask this question, DON’T QUESTION YOURSELF, you should not be alone with the gentleman at his home!

~ Himiyu

Just to say: If you choose to act on the basis of what I say, that is at your sole discretion. I am no means claiming my answer as expert advice nor am I going to try to “push” any answer on you. I am not here to give medical advice, psychological advice nor to answer any serious questions that would potentially harm/etc. I can not help in matters I have no credentials in. I’m just a girl that is giving her own perspective on things a girl would know ;p.