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I may not love to shop but I think I know how to shop & save money :).

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I do not love to shop but when I do, there are a few things that I like to keep in mind when I do. Over the next few weeks I would like to share with you guys how I shop which I hope in turn, can be useful/helpful for you. Today’s tip: Don’t overlook those Clearance/Sale Racks:

You may have heard this tip before but I am here to tell you again. These racks are not just for those who have a budget! If you want to keep your money, and have more to spend, make visiting this section of the store a priority. I always do and I usually end up finding some incredible deals.  I know that sometimes we get a bit shy of these sections because we don’t want to seem cheap in front of our friends/people or we don’t want people to think that we…

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What To Do Oh Lord ? “Handle It With Grace”

Today started off rather nicely but as the morning went by, there were some “news” that just did not sit with me well. First, I went to purchase my books for the next semester and for the first time, these books are costing a whooping amount of my grant which makes me worried on how I am going to pay it off in time that I do not get on an installment plan/end up paying several late fees. I still have another book to purchase and the cost has been 300+ already. This is extremely frustrating when you have committed to a lifestyle of no debt because what I do not get in scholarships,grants..I have to earn by working, which I have no problem doing…it just makes things more complicated. I mean, what’s the point of having a job to pay for school, a work-study, yet you still get late fees for not paying on time. I just do not know how this is all going to work out…then something else happened…

A few weeks ago I went to a camp and while I suspected that there were payment problems, I still ended up getting a payment at the end of my time there…only it was half of the amount that I was supposed to get. Now the camp director informed me that since they had x,y and z problems that they just weren’t able to pay people. As understandable as this was, I couldn’t help but feel taken advantage of shortly after. It’s not that I did not get paid “more” that is upsetting me; what upsets me is how the camp is handling it. I contacted the gentleman that basically hired me of my concerns and after two weeks I contacted him back to see if there were any updates. Today he tells me that the camp director is on vacation so I would have to wait. At that, I was nearly in tears. I feel like I am being intentionally avoided now instead of treating the matter honestly. That was the problem from the beginning. If the director had informed me earlier, not the day I leave, of the problems with payments/the camp, then this wouldn’t be a “matter” now but that’s just not the case. I can only think that the only reason why I am not getting a response back now is because they can not pay me the rest of the amount so they deliberately are waiting it out. If only they understood really why I am contacting them. You know, I had to examine my motives in contacting them about my concern because I wanted to be sure that I am free from the love of money, from discontentment and more but the more and more time goes on, I truly do see that I am right in my mind/heart about this. What really saddens me is that this is a Christian camp…we are supposed to be like God. We do our work unto the Lord. I guess at the end of the day, I am just surprised that people in a business, a christian business at that, will use these measures/tactics with their staff. It’s not’s not just.

So now I am just contemplating on how to handle these two situations. Ultimately I know that I am going to have to trust that God will take care of it. I know for me, that I have to make sure that I handle each matter gracefully, justly and honestly. His will, will be done. I will not lie go, at the moment, I am stressed, worried and quite upset.

Up to Things…

Hi Guys!

While I have not been posting on here, I haven’t been absent from the WordPress world…just off being a busybody. My latest activity on WP that I am excited to share with you is that I created a new blog called “Baaps Beauty”. Initially, I wanted to create that blog here but I did not want to erase everything off of this site/nor change the site name so I just decided to start fresh and new over at It is still a work in progress in terms of presentation and purpose as the beauty world is definitely new to me. In fact, this new blog is not going to be too much about ” Make-up”, nails, hair and all of that stuff because honestly I do not know much about those things. But there will be some talk of beauty products, beauty tags, fashion videos ( though I am not a fashionista and I despise following trends ;p ). and a lot more. Soooo, if you get a chance, I would love it if you could check out the blog and let me know what you think. I am trying to be more open, and I think I am already off to “bolder” things.

Until next time…

Rekindling Love For Ballet

For the past hour, I have been listening to a range of music, mainly classical and film music, while drifting in and out of daydreaming that I am dancing Ballet to the music. This daydreaming has been going on for awhile and while I yearn to enroll myself in a Ballet class; there has been some obstacle that gets in my way. Whether other obligations, monetary restrictions, or lack of transportation, Ballet has been out of my reach. Because of this, there are times I feel where my love for Ballet has decreased or is slowly becoming a thing of the past but then I get this strong feeling/wave of emotion to dance Ballet, to create Ballet Tutu’s and I just dream of floating across the stage to x,y and z music.

However, there is a fear to me in starting Ballet due to unknown factors. One of them being that I will not be able to become “good enough” because I am not musically or physically inclined to dance Ballet. I think I am over the fact that I am “older” starting Ballet and that I do not fit the Ballet “image”, but that still does not change the limitations that society can place on me that makes the road much more difficult. I feel like I am willing to be patience enough to get there and to try my hardest but what happens if I can never get to the ability that I want to. I always get discouraged when I can not translate what is on my mind to reality so if I can not translate what I view as beautiful ( Ballet) to become my reality when I do get there, I am afraid that my persistence /efforts will have amounted to nothing more than a momentary desire to me and a failure to those who will look at me.

For now go, I guess I have to keep on waiting for when it’s my time to get into Ballet class and when I get there, to give it my best. Oh how I can not wait to put on my pink tights with my Ballet leotard, to tie my hair in a tight bun, to be annoyed by the repetition of movement but then overly excited when it comes to any choreography, and more. Part of the reason why I would love to take Ballet is because I really would love to create choreography to my own music choices!

Until next time…



What I Have To Say About Abortion…

Warning: This post contains some graphic writing that may be upsetting,disturbing (etc)…..

I had been trying to educate myself on Abortion since I want to make sure I understand the what, the why, the how of anything that I am or am not for. One of the topics that I decided to read into was Abortion procedures because while I have thought that possibly abortion meant an injection/taking the baby out to be killed, goodness was I in for a horrific surprise. My stomach tightened, my eyes watered, my spirit grew unsettled, and my mind was consumed of the content that I just read. Apparently, while I have only heard of three methods prior to my reading, I was introduced to various cruel, horrific, heart-breaking methods that tugged at my heart. Directly from the source: The Suction Abortion” :

After dilation of the cervix, a suction curette (a tube with a serrated tip) is inserted into the uterus. The strong suction (29 times the power of a household vacuum cleaner) tears the baby’s body apart and sucks it through the hose into a container. This is the most common method of abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.” (

Now perhaps this is a description that was written to initiate a strong emotional response from readers by its vividness. But perhaps it is necessary to create a “real”, identifiable version versus a fancy, medical version of how Abortion is done so that people can understand how severe abortion can be. Along with this method, there were at least 5 other intrusive, shocking methods that ranged from crushing the skull ( though banned in the U.S) to injecting a poison to stop the babies heart. Whatever way, however way…..I can not imagine how God….our heavenly father….feels as he sees these innocent lives being taken in such ways. The bible says in Psalms 139:13 For you(God) formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” There is no justification about it and perhaps there would be less abortions done if women knew exactly what happens to their baby in understandable terms like these.

I say all of this to say that I have read in another reputable site about Abortion procedures and I left there disturbed too. It disturbs my soul and my mind. This stuff is not “made” up. And regardless of how Abortion is done…there is no way that is okay. Period. All I can really say is now that I know…..I want to make it known that it is not up to us to judge those who had an abortion, are contemplating abortion or etc etc. The bible says in James 4:12: There is only one lawgiver and judge,the one who is able to save and destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor.

I think if I can say anything to anybody about it, it would be that Abortion is not the answer as it is wrong (truth) ( Exodus 23:7 says”….do not kill the innocent or the righteous”). If one need help, direct them to sources to help them. If one needs emotional help, talk to them about God. If one needs a shoulder to cry on/someone to hold their hand, be there and assure them that God is there. It says in James 2:14-17: What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” The problem a lot of times is that we give out the message of condemnation when there should be no condemnation. In Luke 6:36 it says : Judge not and you will not be judged, condemn not and you will not be condemned, forgive and you will be forgiven. Who are we to condemn ? If anything, it just turns people into the direction we don’t want them to go in the first place. If anything, we need to open up our hearts and pour out compassion,truth, love towards everyone. It’s one thing to have the law say it is illegal to have abortion and its another thing to have each individual come to realize the value of the life that is inside of them that has yet to be born that was created by God..

Until next time…

Life’s An Adventure Itself – JUNE 11TH,2014

This morning I was a bit startled as I was awaken by a phone call from my Mother. She called to let me know that she was going to be able to pick me up to take me to camp. Now granted, initially, I was going to be taking public transportation to get there ( by 7:00am), which meant that I would have had to test the route tomorrow because I needed to know where I was going and then ride the rail/walk to/from to get to where I needed to be. As nerve-racking as it was, I was determined to do what I needed to do in order to get there. This is what I think God must have saw in me…that I was really trusting in him though I was fearful and that I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone in order to get somewhere. I must say, I did not feel I deserved to have this way provided for me as I haven’t been a good Christian lately. Thoughts…negative thoughts. It all makes me want to do better. On a brighter note, I have been taken by this desire to go out there and explore more…see more…try more. Yesterday and today I watched Cave Documentaries and I was just in awe of the amazing creations that God has made.  I’ve just been buzzing with excitement as individuals explore the caves and find new things. I may not be able to go there, but I sure want to try to do more where I am at and then maybe build on that.

You see, if it weren’t for fear which has led me to have also low self-esteem/confidence , I think the adventurous side of me really would come out. In my mind, I build robots, travel to foreign lands, explore new caves, perform on international stages and etc etc. While these may not be the things I actually do/or what God has for me, it does mean that out there…God has given us so much to do…to work with…to use! Though our life is like a mist in terms of duration, life is a gift from God. Life is too short to do nothing! I may not get out to do and see these things soon or tomorrow but I can’t let fear hold me back when the time comes…God willing. This leads me to say that in a few days I will be starting a new blog ( and keeping this one) called “And there she was”, which will be an online journal/vlog/record of the adventures that I go through throughout life. I will say that an adventure is not always an extremity or a rarity, there are adventures waiting to be pursued in each and every single person’s lives. You don’t have to go hike up a mountain, trek through the Sahara desert just for an adventure. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we experience times of discouragement,boredom and sadness in our lives because we’ve forgotten how “exciting” and how “adventurous” our life really can be. Granted, maybe we have all been there but we can’t stay there. For me, an adventure may be riding on a plane somewhere, camping out in the woods, trying a new food, starting a new goal, riding on a new ride, going to a new church…..wherever the Lord takes me. How about you ? Perhaps, adventure has more to do with mentality than the physical act of doing x,y,z. Maybe everyday can be an adventure….as no day is the same even if we do the same thing….each day is a NEW DAY.  I like to think of it as, as long as we are still breathing, apparently God still has something for us to do….how exciting to just be alive. It’ll take perseverance, sufferings, endurance, strength, discipline, courage,and  integrity to get through this Life.

Until next time, God Bless :)

500 Followers Here on WordPress

I hopped on my blog a few days ago and I noticed that I hit 500 followers here on WordPress. What a pleasant surprise that was! I do want to Thank You all for following this blog of mine…full of ramblings, advising, rantings, miscellaneous content and more. Though I have not blogged for the past week, I think I can happily say that I am back here and ready to blog again. I am not quite sure what about but certainly about something but I just really do enjoy blogging. Anyhoo, as much as I would love to create a frame with everyone’s name like older times, I do not know if I want to go through placing all of your names there only to have it erased ( that has happened to me more than once and it’s just tragic…). Ha. But what I will do is drop by as many blogs as I can to say Thank You. So, know that it is not “spam” but rather a Thank You for you, to you for taking the time to visit/follow my blog. I hope that you will come back to visit soon for new and more…and MORE and MORE content!

Until next time!


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